Our Motivation


WE UNDERSTAND that as a business owner, you contribute to the foundation of our modern economy. Nearly 27 million small firms in the United States, according to the SBA (Small Business Administration), account for roughly half of our GDP (Gross Domestic Product, the entire monetary value of a nation's yearly output) and create more than two-thirds of new jobs. Surely, you are part of the backbone of today's society. 

Consider that entrepreneurs are usually the ones who come up with new ways to solve problems, develop novel products and services, create the majority of jobs, contribute to their local economy, and pay the most taxes.


On the left, unions are the representatives of organized labor.  On the far right, big corporations pay for political lobbyists and engage with legislators to enact tax avoidance schemes — their  most lucrative include accelerated depreciation, offshoring of profits, oversized deductions for select employee stock options, tax credits, and a maze of other tax breaks. Many large corporations pay little or no taxes and profit from regulations that are biased in their favor.

With your SMB (Small to Mid-sized Business) you are forced to compete on an uneven playing field — which is tilted in favor of unions and large corporations.

You are the one working the most hours and taking the greatest risks.

On a level playing field, you (the entrepreneur) should consequently reap the greatest benefits.

WE BELIEVE that you have paid your dues and can envision the success you desire.  With refined clarity of vision, smarts and nimble moves, your business venture can prosper, thrive, and provide you (and your team) ongoing success.

We believe that if your business truly benefits people and you make contributions to society, you should experience the prosperity, acclaim, and peace of mind you deserve.

OUR PURPOSE, or "Our Why" at VentureVision, is to work with entrepreneurs that are committed to the success of their business. We equip our clients with strategies, tactics, tools and provide coaching to accelerates business results — while minimizing stress, overwhelm, and burnout.

VentureVision can empower you, as an entrepreneur, in defining your own playing field and competitive landscape, leverage SMB advantages, and deploy marketing campaigns that produce exceptional returns.